The Foundation of Effective Security

Our Security Surveys are thorough on-site examinations of your security elements such as detection sensors, CCV cameras, locks and other delays and ascertain their current operational status and effectiveness.

A TAVA or Threat and Vulnerability Analysis is the foundation upon which effective security is built. A Security Survey is the first step in conducting a Threat and Vulnerability Analysis. It characterizes the current state of your security environment. This information is further supplemented with an analysis of:

  • significant threat events
  • who and what needs protection
  • the capabilities of persons who would attempt to carry out threats
  • the risks that these persons and events pose
  • the effectiveness of your current security against these challenges.

Enhancements are identified based on our in depth analysis. They become the functional blueprint for a truly effective security system that gives the best return on your investment.

Large corporations, governments and the military use the Threat and Vulnerability Analysis process to protect their critical assets and infrastructure. We highly recommend the use of TAVA to assess and improve your business and home security because we understand that your security is just as high a priority for you!

Finally, let us ensure your expectations are met by project managing your approved security enhancements as well as provide employee or team security training and presentations.

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