Effective security starts with a comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Analysis. This can lead to reduced operating, liability and insurance costs as well as improved morale, enhanced business credibility and market advantage. Director liability under Bill C45 can also be mitigated by demonstrating due diligence in assessing security.

Your security can become ineffective because it was either not designed well or security challenges have evolved beyond its capability. Effective security requires much more than target hardening. It also requires the thorough investigation, analysis and planning provided by a Security Survey and Threat and Vulnerability Analysis.

Call us before purchasing security services. Prevent future asset losses and save the costs of having to fix your security system a second or even third time! Don't spend money for security upgrades and target hardening that may not measure up!

We can also assist you by providing project management services to implement approved security upgrades as well as employee security training and presentations.

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